Plato’s Theory of Soul

XIVth Symposium Platonicum Pragense: Plato’s Theory of Soul

October 19-21, 2023, Prague, Vila Lanna (V Sadech 1, Prague 6) and online

Thursday, 19 October

9:00-10:10       Filip Karfík

Between Form and Body: On the Soul in Plato

10:20-11:30     Jonathan Edward Griffiths

Plato on Priority of Soul to Body

11:50-13:00     Francesca Eustacchi

Interferences Between Soul and Body in Human Being: The Multifocal Platonic Discourse


14:15-15:25     Allan Silverman

How to Make a Soul

15:40-16:50     Julia Pfefferkorn

Plato on Moral Responsibility and the Immortality of the Soul

17:00-18:30     Meeting of Czech Plato Society

19:00-21:00     Conference dinner


Friday, 20 October

9:00-10:10       Enrico Volpe

What Does the World Soul Do? Some Reflection about the Role and the Ontological Status of the World Soul Between the Timaeus and the Epinomis

10:20-11:30     Matilde Berti

Circularity and Circular Motion in Plato’s Metaphysics and Psychology

11:50-13:00     Colin King

Soul, Time, and Celestial Motion in Plato’s Timaeus



Saturday, 21 October

9:30-10:40       Beatriz Bossi

Desire and Rationality in the Myth of Er: Hasty Souls, Punished Heroes and ‘Unlucky’ Philosophers

10:50-12:00     Flavia Palmieri

Plato’s Individual Soul and Xenocrates’ Personal Daimon: The Pupil Correcting the Master?


13:30-14:40     Karel Thein

Two Functions of the Soul’s Immortality: Between Ethics and Cosmology

14:50-16:00     Suzanne Obdrzalek

What are Platonic Souls Made of?

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